DSC_9257In consultation with our clients, we set up the most appropriate production lines to manufacture parts.

The production of parts follows the steps below :

  1. Project reception;
  2. Feasibility study and associated costs, definition of manufacturing processes needed;
  3. Customer order is received and confirmation of order receipt is sent;
  4. Set up of production planning and raw material is ordered;
  5. Development of our manufacturing file by our engineering department, ordering of special tools and control tools. Creation of phases planning with our Créo software (formerly known as Pro/Engineer);
  6. Launch of the production order (PO) with mention of quantities and lead time;
  7. Adjustment of lathes or milling machines. Programming of the machining programs using the Esprit software;
  8. Meticulous inspection of first parts, possibly validated by the client. Recording of the inspection reports;
  9. Manufacturing of parts with operator checks;
  10. Washing, degreasing, inter-operations checks of parts;
  11. Possible move of parts for subcontracting for various treatments (heat treatment, surface treatment, rectification, grinding, rolling, finishing, tapping, …
  12. Inspection of components received from subcontractors;
  13. Final inspection before shipping;
  14. Packaging and shipment;
  15. Analysis of manufacturing data to update ranges, cost estimates, control plans, …

Strict compliance with all of these steps and regular implementation of rigorous controls enable us to deliver products that comply with the specifications and within the time limits agreed prior to the project.

Our production divisions

The production line BA Usinage is structured into several clusters; these allow us to structure any component manufacturing project thanks to a modern and performant plant list (PDF). Click here to find out more about them.