P1080303From quoting to delivery, we will produce your pieces in accordance with ISO 9001 standard. BA Usinage is committed to :


  1. Providing quotes with delivery schedule

  2. Sending out acknowledgement of orders received

  3. Making products and parts that are compliant and quality-controlled in line with our procedures, in a timely manner

  4. Sending out regular updates of your orders

  5. Responding to all your requests to improve your products

  6. Documenting our manufacturing files so that for each order, our components can be of equal or improved quality to previous parts.

Control methods

Manufacturing auto-control

- Computer generated monitoring of controls and data archiving.
- Metrology monitoring through our Measuring equipment Management software.

Quality Control

- Traditional equipment calibrated and constant
- Micron Comparator
- Micron Cé measurement apparatus
- Sunnen micron internal measurement machine
- Plain and threaded calibres
- Gauge blocks
- 3D measuring apparatus
- Mitutoyo PV5100 profile projector with data processing unit
- Roughness meter



Our main goals are the delivery of compliant products in the timeframe given by our clients. In these respects we have obtained ISO9001 and EN9100 certifications.

Certification usinage ISO 9001

Certification usinage ISO 9001

Certification usinage EN9100

Certification usinage EN9100