IMG_3759BA Usinage can handle the sub-contracting of all the finishing operations and treatment on your behalf, such as heat treatment operations, surface treatment, welding, polishing, painting, ...

BA Usinage relies on a network of trusted suppliers, all located nearby in the Arve Valley, to ensure that production times are short and under control.
traitement surface pièces usinées

Surface treatments

We provide surface treatments to guarantee that parts are protected against corrosion or are quite simply beautiful pieces. Our parts can be barrel treated (parts without appearance requirements) or gripper deburred for delicate parts.

We provide treatment operations by electrolytic zinc (white or yellow, chromium VI free), zinc / nickel, zinc / white or black iron, browning (black), tinning, nickel plating (chemical or electrolytic), chrome plating, copper plating, gold plating , silver plating, color anodic oxidation (on aluminum), anodising aluminum and titanium, Alodine ®, PVD, zinc or manganese iron phosphating, stainless steel passivation, ... We also provide wear resistance of over 1,000 hours in sea-salt fog with the GEOMET® ® treatment Deltaprotekt ® or KL100.
Traitement thermique usinage

Heat treatment

We handle hardening operations through heat treatment to improve the life of our parts.

Our suppliers are capable of treating a wide range of components of different sizes, to the highest standards with reliable and repeatable results. We provide in particular carbonitriding, hardening under protective atmosphere, oil quenching, tempering class 8-8, 12-9, vacuum hardening or annealing of stainless steel, etc.
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Through our specialised suppliers, we can polish and perform cosmetic operations on parts (brushing, polishing, vibratory finishing, tumbling, total or partial sandblasting).
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We also arrange all welding operations: spot or TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) with or without metal filler.
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We carry out epoxy paint treatment in the colour of your choice. Using the RAL colour n° will allow us to provide the exact color desired. Paint on aluminum, steel, or other materials.