To support the expansion of the aeronautics industry, BA Usinage has developed a range of skills to meet the needs of this very exacting sector.

EN 9100 Certification: 2009

Following evolution of the ISO 9001 standard, which had developed a new version in 2008, the European EN 9100 standard describing a quality assurance system for the aeronautic, aerospace and defence markets was completely redesigned in 2009.

In its quest for quality, BA Usinage obviously obtained certification EN 9100: 2009, certifying control processes and constant production quality suited to aeronautical requirements.

Moreover, we make parts for industry acknowledged suppliers, such as Alcoa and Hutchinson.

Machining metals and alloys specifically designed for aeronautics

BA Usinage also masters the machining of metals and alloys specific to aeronautics (aeronautic stainless steel, aeronautic aluminium …) for precision parts resistant to severe pressure and temperature constraints.

Our expertise in machining aeronautics parts