BA Usinage specialises in making metal components for sport and leisure activities and more particularly for bicycles, mainly mountain bikes, hybrid and high-end bikes.

Light and robust components

Machined from light and strong components, these technical pieces allow a significant weight and performance advantage. Indeed, we respond to all of our customers requirements on the matter whether they request a combination of aluminium and carbon for added performance or even the use of titanium components to gain lightness and strength.

Complex and high performance parts

Furthermore, we can also provide machined parts with very complex shapes, allowing us to respond to very technically advanced requests in the cycle industry, such as specific aerodynamic specifications.

But also…

Ecology and urban mobility are becoming increasingly important in large cities, where self-service bicycles have experienced a boom in recent years. BA Usinage contributes to this development by providing parts for this sector: transmission systems, bicycle accessories, but also locking systems, and other anti-theft screws – so many needs that BA Usinage knows how to meet perfectly.

 Our bicycle parts machining know-how