The mechanics of locking systems and other security systems are often very greedy in machined and / or cut parts. From anti-vandal attachments through to automatic opening transmissions, BA Usinage can offer you a complete service.

Locks and ironwork parts in small and large series

We manufacture parts for gates, turnstiles, building access security systems, … You want to provide a thousand gates for a set of subway stations or assemble a dozen locks to secure a public pool? We make both large and small parts runs and can also store parts for you, allowing you to reduce delivery time to your customers.

A range of anti-theft screws

We also offer locks and locking screw solutions, ideal for protecting, for example, street furniture from degradation and vandalism. We supply parts in stainless steel or brushed aluminium, so that they can be integrated directly and discreetly in your equipment design and keep it secure!

Our expertise in machining parts for anti-theft locks and systems